Architecture Services

As a licensed architect with three decades of experience, Sharon offers unparalleled professional guidance for land master planning, personal home design and community enhancement projects. Sharon's success is built upon her commitment to environmental stewardship with sustainable design solutions that optimize solar and wind energy, water conservation, and holistic ecology ... all while partnering with her clients to help them achieve their goals and dreams. Other skills in her sustainability tool belt include the minimization of building maintenance, incorporating low or non-toxic interior materials, and preserving future use-group flexibility.

As a twice-certified Permaculture Designer, Sharon brings a great depth of wisdom and practicality to her practice, always seeking solutions that solve more than one challenge at a time, while minimizing inputs and utilizing the smallest amount of resources possible.

Sharon offers the full range of architectural services enabling her to provide feasibility studies, project programming, conceptual sketches and schematic designs, design development drawings and specification, complete construction drawings and specifications, and contract administration on the jobsite. She has also acquired proficiency in landscape design, including grading and drainage planning, hardscape design and detailing, softscape design and materials selections, as well as lighting and irrigation in landscapes.  Further, Sharon particularly enjoys interior design, with a specialty in lighting design and fixture selection.

Sharon is available to provide architectural consulting services on flexible fee arrangements, depending on the project scope and client needs.  She offers a free one-hour consultation to become acquainted and determine if you are each the right fit for working together.


Construction and Design-Build Services

Sharon has acted as her own General Contractor on her numerous personal homes and speculative development projects, thus enabling her to skillfully manage timelines and budgets during the construction phase. Going forward, Sharon prefers to partner with carefully selected General Contractors, either though 3-Party traditional AIA Agreements or through the more contemporary model of project delivery known as Design-Build.

For Design-Build projects, Sharon has a vetted group of hand-picked construction professionals that she trusts both in their technical competency as well as their personal integrity.  In this way, Sharon presents a variety of options to her clients for selecting the right delivery model for the project, as well as assembling the right team of professionals.


Real Estate Services

Sharon holds a Colorado real estate license and has worked with countless clients to help them make well informed decisions about the largest investments of their lives ... buying and/or selling real property.

Have you ever known anyone who built a custom home, only later to discover there was a devastating problem with the land, the local water quality, or hidden neighborhood challenges?  Perhaps they could not accomplish their goals because the land was lacking in some way that was overlooked during the purchasing process.

Working with Sharon helps bring peace of mind because she is a visionary with multi-faceted skills who seeks to understand your ultimate goals, making sure the end is in sight from the very beginning. She is also incredibly thorough in the quest to protect your interests.

Likewise, the process of selling a home or property is wrought with pitfalls. Having Sharon on your side can be your key to success - to help maximize your financial takeaway with the least amount of hassle and liability possible.

Unlike other Realtors, Sharon brings a depth of care and listening that is hard to match ... always putting your needs first and truly hearing what you say.


Development Support Services

Sharon combines her architecture and personal development experience with her real estate knowledge to help put visionary projects together and assist other developers achieve their goals. Having designed and built numerous speculative personal homes, as well as structuring several speculative multifamily housing projects, and having partnered with many developers on large-scale community planning projects ... Sharon brings a fresh perspective and passion for creating wins for project owners, other partners, the community and the environment.

Sharon brings a disciplined and practical attitude to development projects, a network of strong relationships for creating effective teams and discovering opportunities, understanding and minimizing hidden risks in transactions, establishing an effective asset management strategy, and focusing on value for project owners while upholding the future vision of the local community.

Sharon has extensive experience in real estate acquisition, development and disposition. She has developed and executed numerous speculative residential projects, both single family home subdivisions and multifamily projects, sought and obtained rezoning, summary subdivision approvals, Planned Unit Development entitlements, annexations, lot line adjustments, and more. She has a keen eye for acquiring prime pieces and undervalued parcels of real estate. Sharon knows the ins-and-outs of the Planning and Zoning processes, including applications that require public hearings and managing diverse neighborhood attitudes.

For support to developers, Sharon offers Owner Rep services, as well as offering architectural services wrapped into the design-build delivery model with construction partners chosen to uniquely fit the project needs.