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We live in a world of fragmentation.  Professionals are often so specialized they cannot see the big picture, which leaves you responsible for connecting the dots ... and in trouble if you don't.

Sharon Porter can effectively bridge the gaps in your project. She brings 35 years of experience from diverse yet related realms of expertise to inform her design and construction solutions. She can assist you in all phases of the creative process:

  • Property Assessment and Acquisition
  • Master Site Planning and Architectural Design
  • Construction Planning - Budgeting, Scheduling and Execution
  • Financial Structuring with a Pre-Planned Exit Strategy
  • Property Disposition and Profit Reallocation

Are you looking to buy or create a Healthy Home or Community?

Sharon holds the following skills, licenses and certifications to assist you with your goals:

  • Licensed Realtor for Site Assessment PRIOR to Property Purchase
  • Licensed Architect with Subdivision and City Planning Experience
  • Twice-Certified Permaculture Designer for Integrated Landscape Designs
  • Healthy Home Practitioner, to Enhance Health and Minimize Toxin Exposure
  • General Contractor, to Take Conceptual Design through to Final Punchlist

Are you Selling Your Property, and want to exit with maximum profit?

Sharon brings invaluable skills to help with your real estate transactions, such as:

  • Staging your Home through "Buyer Eyes"
  • Optimizing Appraisal Value in Advance
  • Assessing which Repairs are Financially "Worth" Doing

Ready to Build, and Need Project Management Systems?

Sharon brings a wealth of experience to help you:

  • Maintain the Master Vision while Managing the Details
  • Select Consultant Teams and Procure Construction Materials
  • Control the project Timeline, Budget and Construction Quality

Has it Been Hard to Find the RIGHT Consultant?

Beyond skills, Sharon's personal value systems include:

  • A Commitment to Personal Honesty, truth and Integrity
  • The Prioritization of Clear Communication and Responsibility Allocation
  • An Emphasis on Procedures and Systems, with Flexible as Needed
  • The Balancing of Intelligence and Street-Smarts, Ideals and Practicalities

"My partners and I build housing communities and we recently hired Sharon to be our Owner's Rep. She understands, and has lived, every aspect of real estate, design, construction and development. She is innovative in her thinking and systematic in her approach." EAS Enterprises, Durango CO

"Sharon is currently helping me and a group of friends to select land to subdivide and build houses on. We all want to live near each other, and we found we could save a lot of money having Sharon handle the whole project. She is a visionary with tons of skill and talent." Elizabeth, Telluride CO

"We interviewed several architects and chose Sharon because she has the broadest range of experience - she understood the complex aspects of putting together a sustainable retreat. She created a Master Plan first, then helped us figure out how to phase the improvements." The Chapman Family, Ridgway CO

"Sharon represented us in buying our home and then she designed our kitchen remodel. We love her design style, and she was so easy to work with. We both recommend Sharon to anyone who needs either real estate or architecture help, she is smart and a great listener!" Bruce and Ellen, Durango CO

"People tend to be either givers or takers, and Sharon is most definitely a giver! She pours her heart and soul into everything she does, and truly cares about the well being of her clients and the outcomes of her projects. Thank you Sharon, we are thrilled with our new home!" John and MaryAnn, Taos NM

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